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getting around

November 26, 2009

In Toronto, Ontario, Canada; many people use the TTC, which stands for Toronto Transit Commision. It is a “quick and convenient way to get around the city.”
unforunately, it has its many downsides:
1. it is the least susidised government-run transit program in North America.
2. People aren’t competent enough to throw their anger at the politications and managers resposible (this guy)
3. The subway planners don’t have much foresight, as they did not include a third rail that should and could (and would) be used if one of the other lines broke down. Also, its ridiculous that the lines are just that, lines. If one part of the line had a problem, that section before it would essentially be paralyazed. [the answer would be to build a third line]

but fortunately, there are solutions.
The best and most reliable solution is to bike around the city. Biking is the fastest mode of transportation because there are so many bike paths around the city.
If you don’t have a bike, or are in a super hurry, try finding a couple other people (group of 3 or 4) and hail a taxi. the cost won’t be as high as normal, but it is still really fast, or at least in comparision to other methods.


Things to do on a sunday.

November 16, 2009

the day with the least expectations.
the day before going back to work. or school. or whatever.

Pissed off?

November 14, 2009

ever been pissed off?

of course you have.

But how does one manage it?

I’ve been really mooddy recently, and I, persponally think clearer when I am pissed.
so, I decided to come up with some ways that seem to work.

shutting up.
generally, when you shut up, the other will eventually run out of things to say. This requires patience and self-discipline.

Leaving the immediate vicinity is usually a good idea because it says to them, “I’m not interested in what you’re saying, so I’m gonna go find better things to do.”
also, some people don’t like chasing after you just to fight.

–this post will be continually updated.

take your kid to work day.

November 4, 2009

at northern secondary school, aka nss; will be take your kid to work day.

what is take your kid to work day, you may ask?
it is a day where us, students tag along our parents to see what their work is like.
It shows us what the real workplace is like, and gives us a taste of adulthood.